Eating For Blood Sugar Control – The Best Health Tip Ever

If you eat in a way that causes you to have a high blood-insulin level throughout the day, you put yourself at risk for most of what many doctors call the “deadly diseases of civilization”.Insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type two diabetes, heart disease and many of the worst forms or cancer are all DIRECTLY LINKED in research to having consistently elevated insulin levels, which are DIRECTLY LINKED to having elevated blood sugar. Eating in a way that keeps your blood sugar in a normal, healthy range makes reaching a healthy body weight and becoming vibrantly healthy much easier.Eating Or Snacking On High Sugar, High Carbohydrate Foods Repeatedly During The Day Will Destroy Your Health And Here Is HowAny food or drink high in sugar or carbohydrates causes a sharp rise in your blood glucose level. To stop rapidly rising blood sugar, your pancreas secretes the hormone insulin, which stops the sugar build up in the blood and brings the sugar level back  down into a normal, healthy range.Your pancreas making insulin to lower rising blood sugar is normal and healthy, but if you eat in a way that keeps your sugar level elevated throughout the day…1) your pancreas has to make insulin repeatedly throughout the day, which means;2) your blood-insulin level remains high throughout the day, and because of this;3) over time you develop a resistance to the blood-sugar-lowering affect of insulin, which means your pancreas has to work harder and pump even more of that powerful hormone into your blood to lower your blood sugar… and this is where the problems really begin.Insulin lowers blood glucose by converting the sugar in your blood into fat, so instead of having high blood sugar, you have high blood fat. To get rid of the fat, the insulin causes your body to stop burning stored body fat for energy and causes you to start burning new fat that started out a few minutes prior as a soft drink, candy or chips, a piece of bread, or anything high in sugar or carbohydrates.Your body makes substantially more fat from any food or drink high in sugar or carbohydrates than you will ever burn sitting at a desk or puttering around the house.  And all the fat not immediately burned for energy, is shoved into your fat cells, which grow, and expand, and get bigger and bigger, which means you gain weight.Besides being the ROOT CAUSE of practically ALL weight gain, elevated insulin caused by not eating for blood sugar control, is the DIRECT and PRIMARY cause of most high blood pressure, most high cholesterol, practically all type-two diabetes, and so on.Perhaps the best health tip and the best weight loss tip ever is simply to learn how to eat for blood sugar control… because when you do this, you naturally burn stored body fat for energy, you do not make and store new fat, and, in all probability, your blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and other important health indicators will remain in a normal healthy range, without any special effort on your part.

Sexy Penis Health Tips – A More Attractive Johnson in Just Minutes a Day

“How big is it?” That’s the question that’s driven decades of research about the quality of the tool a man packs around in his pants. Now, however, there’s a new yardstick that can help differentiate one man’s johnson from another. According to research, a sexy penis – one that is smooth, healthy, and attractive, is becoming more and more important in terms of intimate comparisons; this means that men with a sleek schlong tend to be the envy of their peers, no matter what a ruler might say. With a few penis care tips, men can prepare to compete in this new land of the visual.Smooth and Sexy MattersThe shift from size to image has been gradual, but it’s likely come about due to men’s inherent ability to stretch the truth, when it comes to length and breadth. Adding an inch here or a centimeter there can make a penis seem much more powerful and potent, and the lies can seem harmless. As a result, the research that’s been done on size is just a little worthless, as the numbers often have little to do with reality.Physical appeal, on the other hand, is hard to lie about. There are specific attributes that most people consider appealing in a johnson, such as:
Smooth skin
Few prominent veins
Uniform color
Uniform hair length
A quick peek is all that’s required in order to ensure that a guy has these attributes, and no matter what he might say, the eyes really don’t lie. In the modern and visual world, where sites like Pintrest reduce the need for talking to a bare minimum, a premium is placed on physical beauty. Men who have it win, while men who don’t just don’t.Getting StartedPubic hair plays a big role in intimate appeal, as a big, bushy, out-of-control thatch of hair can obscure delicate skin and call to mind wild animals rather than sculpted humans. Snipping at the hair with sharp scissors and cleaning up the edges with an equally sharp razor, can provide a sculpted and manicured look that is easy to maintain.After a trim, washing up with warm water can allow hidden bits of dead and dull tissue to detach, allowing warmer, healthier skin to shine in the spotlight. A bit of daily scrubbing can also keep bacterial colonies in check, ensuring that infections don’t pop up to spoil the smooth surface of the skin.A few subtle steps like this, when combined with a sensible diet and a reasonable amount of daily exercise, can help to reduce the amount of damage the skin displays and allow healthy, youthful skin cells to come to the surface. However, men who want to do a little more to kick up the quality quotient might need to invest in specialty products in order to really achieve success.Releasing True BeautyA penis riddled with veins and studded with splotches of unusual color might work just fine, particularly in the heat of the moment, but it might not be worthy of a photograph or a close inspection. Undoing the damage can take time, but a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can be a secret weapon that brings the beauty to the surface.A quality product contains Vitamin D, a vital antioxidant that can mitigate surface cell death. Meanwhile, the Vitamin C these products contain can work beneath the surface of the skin, plumping up the size of the cells and smoothing out the wrinkles that can make a penis look old and tired. Finally, l-arginine can help to boost blood flow throughout the organ, which can reduce pockets of discoloration and leave the penis smooth, supple and responsive.